06: 3 Tips Increase Confidence on Sales Calls

Jul 08, 2022

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06: 3 Tips Increase Confidence on Sales Calls

Jul 08, 2022

Read time: 4 minutes

Today, I'm going to share 3 tips that will help you gain more confidence on sales calls. 

Getting high-paying clients is the key to building a lifestyle firm, but this is incredibly hard if you lack confidence on sales calls.

But, if you can figure out how to nail the 3 tips below, your confidence will skyrocket.

Unfortunately, most firm owners never get the confidence they need because they don't learn the basics.

They just show up for sales calls, hope for the best, and get mediocre results.

You need to be intentional about your approach to sales calls.

Confidence comes from preparation and having a systematic approach.

A systematic approach leads to predictability.

And predictability helps us feel more confident.

(Plus, accountants love preparation, systems, and predictability!)

Over the last 6+ years, I have become a student of sales. Along the way, I have learned dozens of tips and tricks for getting more confident on sales calls.

Here are 3 of my favorite tips:

Tip 1: Develop a sales call framework.

The number one reason we lack confidence on sales calls is because we're unsure what to say and when. 

A sales call framework is the solution.

A framework gives you a roadmap to follow on the call. It gives you direction. Direction instills confidence.

An important note here is that I said "framework" and not "script". 

A script is impersonal and robotic. It leaves little room for the call to be a conversation. I do not recommend scripts.

My framework for sales calls is pretty simple: 

• Welcome with energy

• Ask questions about them (then shut up and listen)

• Share my story + values + beliefs

• My services + packages 

• My process

• Q&A

• Next steps + action items

Have a sales call framework to increase confidence.

Tip 2: Bring. The. ENERGY!

Energy is important in both feeling confident and communicating confidence.

But 95% of CFOs get on sales calls with their energy at a 2 out of 10. 

And I get it...

It's hard to show up for a sales call full of energy when you're nervous and anxious.

And when you show up meh, the person on the other end of the Zoom will immediately feed off of your (lack of) energy. 

Now you're meh and they're meh.

Meh doesn't close more deals at higher prices.

So how do you get more energy? You have to GENERATE it.

You have to make the decision to show up with more energy and do things to create that energy.

My favorite energy generating things are:

• Listening to hype music

• Jumping up and down

• Skipping down the hall

• Smiling big

You are probably saying these are cheesy and no way will you do them.

Your P&L would like to have a word with you.

Energy instills confidence.

Tip 3: Create metaphors to counter objections

One of the scariest parts about sales calls is dealing with the objections.

Objections look a lot like rejection and none of us like rejection.

Here's what to do:

👉 Start a running list of objections you get on sales calls. 

👉 After you have a few, brainstorm metaphors you can use to counter those objections.

👉 Keep that list on your desk on the calls and reference as necessary.

Here's an example to help get you started:

Objection: I don't think I'm ready for CFO services yet. Maybe I should wait until we get our first round of investor funding secured first.

Metaphor: I understand that. But I've learned that it's best to have the map before you enter the forest. Don't you agree with that Barbara?

Knowing how you'll respond to objections ahead of time will 3x your confidence.

If you can nail these 3 tips, you'll be well on your way to more confidence, more clients, and higher prices.

Your coach, 
Michael King


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