024: My (UNFAIR) Secret Sales Strategy

Nov 11, 2022

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024: My (UNFAIR) Secret Sales Strategy

Nov 11, 2022

Read time: 4:12 minutes 

Today, I'm going to share my #1 sales secret that closes more deals for me than ANYTHING else: offering a money back guarantee.

Yup. I offer a money back guarantee on our CFO services and I've been doing it for years!

The money back guarantee gives me an unfair advantage. Why? Because it is the answer to the most common sales objections.

Total number of times I've had someone ask for their money back? 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should leverage a money back guarantee IMMEDIATELY: 

Reason #1: It De-Risks The Buying Decision For New Clients

Your leads probably haven't invested in CFO services before.

So they're asking themselves questions like: 

🤷‍♂️ Is this going to be worth the money?
🤷‍♂️ What kind of results should I expect? 
🤷‍♂️ Is there any chance this is going to pay for itself?

On top of that, most leads don't know who you are or much about you.

👉 And let's not forget that the economy is tightening up.

If we're being honest, the client is taking on a LOT of risk by hiring you as a fractional CFO! 

The good news? 
🔥 You can COMPLETELY de-risk your services by offering a money-back guarantee. 🔥

It literally removes ALL of the top objections a lead might have.

Reason #2: It Keeps You and Your Team HUNGRY

It's easy to get complacent after working with a client for a year or 2. 

Heck, it's easy to get complacent after working with a client for a few months! 

But having a money-back guarantee in place helps keep that fire burning hot. When you know that you've got THOUSANDS of your dollars riding on your services, you tend to show up and deliver your A Game.

Reason #3: Sales Calls Feel Less Salesy

Most accountants and fractional CFOs cringe at the idea of "sales". 

Our industry has adopted this idea that sales are immoral, unethical, sleazy, and slimy. And I think it's because we've all been victims of unscrupulous sales people before. The kind where you feel like you need a shower after the sales call.

And none of us want to feel like we are putting off slime vibes to someone that needs our help. 

I've found that when I put my money where my mouth is, I actually feel significantly more authentic on sales calls. Because shady sales people never ever offer money back guarantees.

Reason #4: Your Risk Factor Is Near Zero

By far, the #1 reason people don't offer money back guarantees is because they think it will sink their firm. 

"What if someone asks for a refund???" 

OMGosh, what if they do? 

You'll probably work with them to fix the issue or you'll give them their money back. This is valuable tuition to pay towards getting better.

👉 But the MOST likely thing that will happen is that no one will ever ask for a refund.

Why not? 

Because you bust your tail to do an amazing job every single month with every single client! 

And let's be honest, if you were doing a subpar job - someone would have asked for their money back by now, wouldn't they? 

Is today the day you're going to start sucking and your clients all start clamoring for their money back? 

My money is on you. My bet is that you'll continue to show up with excellence.

Reason #5: No one else is doing it.

I've yet to find another firm that offers a guarantee.

Most just aren't willing to bet on themselves.  

If you're reluctant to offer a money back guarantee on your CFO services, I want to ask you one simple question: 

👉 If you don't believe in your value enough to put some skin in the game, then why should a prospective client?

As the economy tightens up and more competition enters the game, the money back guarantee should be your secret weapon.

You coach,

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