061: You Probably Aren't Qualified To Be A CEO

October 06, 2023

October 6, 2023
Read time: 2:31 minutes  

Admit it:
You probably aren't qualified to be the CEO of a fractional CFO firm.

Let's be real here...
• You lost a key client last month. 
• You're still struggling to find your niche. 
• You're stuck in the weeds of doing the work.
• You're having a hard time getting consistent leads.
• You're having issues getting your subscontractors to do a great job.
• You're not making enough revenue, let alone enough profit, to hit your goals.

You have a lot of issues, and that probably isn't even a comprehensive list of all your &%*#, is it?

It seems like every day is hard and it never seems to get any easier. 
Everyone else has obviously figured this stuff out.
So clearly you are not cut out for this. 
Probably best to quit.

👉 Maybe you've never had those internal conversations before.

I sure as hell have.

If you haven't, this blog isn't for you.
If you have, keep reading... 

🚨 News flash 🚨
You're not alone. In fact, you're in great company!
Becasue these are the same exact challenges EVERYONE faces in business. Me, you, and the other 2000+ readers of this newsletter - we're all in the same boat - and it doesn't mean that you don't belong in the game or that you aren't qualified.

And it's not just that everyone has those challeges. Many (most?) of us even have the internal dialogues where we question if we're good enough or if we even belong.

If you're one of those people that are on the struggle bus, then know I'm right there with you my friend.

I'm in a tough season in business and life right now. Lots of blessings but also a lot of challenges. And NGL, I had several sleepless nights over the past few weeks where I laid in bed battling those you're-not-good-enough conversations. 

But my response was the same as it's been the 83 other times I've faced challenges and doubts:
I got up the next day, went to work, and kept pushing. 

Because I've learned that there are only 2 qualifications for being an entrepreneur: 
1. Get in the game.
2. Stay in the game.

That's good news because it means that you and I, we hold all the power.
We alone determine our own eligibility.

I've learned so many times that struggles, challenges, ambiguity, and self doubt aren't a sign that you don't belong. In fact, they're a sign that you're RIGHT where you belong because they're a natural biproduct of the work itself. The work we've been called to do is hard. Hard work comes with challenges. Challenges come with doubt. 

One of my mentors told me that every entrepreneur is either: 
Just finishing a challenging season.
In the middle of a challenging season.
Or about to get hit in the face by a challenging season.

This is very on par with what I've experienced and what I see others experience as well.

So if the challenges themselves are inevitable, the only question left to answer is how will you respond?

I believe in your ability to figure it out, one step at a time.
I hope you stay in the game.
You've got this my friend.
See you on the field.



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