065: Your Impact is ENORMOUS

Nov 24, 2023

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065: Your Impact is ENORMOUS

Nov 24, 2023

November 24, 2023

Read time: 1:52 minutes

Here in the United States we're in the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday season. 

The intention behind the holiday is to have a time where we're intentional about reflecting on and giving thanks for the many blessings we have in our lives.

As I sit here journaling today, thinking about all of the amazing gifts that my family and I have been presented with, one of the things I'm most grateful for is the opportunity to serve you and the rest of the Fractional CFO industry. 

The work that we do as fractional CFOs has a level of impact that is absolutely unparalleled!

Yes, as Fractional CFOs we are uniquely able to serve business owners to help increase their profits...

βœ… Which is great for the owners' income but...
βœ… It also means they can hire more people and
βœ… Those owners can afford to pay higher wages
βœ… Which means their employees can pay off their homes and
βœ… Send their kids to college and
βœ… Give more to their communities.

These things happen literally every day because of the work WE do! 

But just how far reaching is our impact?

Let's put some math behind it... 

• The average Fractional CFO can handle 10 clients.
• The average small business in the US has 3 employees, not counting the owner.
• The average home in the US has about 3 family members. 

When you do the math, you quickly see that just ONE Fractional CFO can easily impact well over 130 lives!

Name another industry that has that kind of reach! 

It's an absolute honor to serve you as you go out into the world and make this kind of impact an every day reality. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be part or your journey and your impact.

Thank you.

Your coach,

Whenever you are ready, here areΒ 2 ways I can help you:

  1. The Inner Circle - every month my team and I go live and share the most impactful lessons we've learned in our journey to start, scale, and optimize our own CFO firm (including live Q&A). Plus you'll get access to our private community of nearly 200 fractional CFOs.
  2. If you'd like more amazing (and free!) content about starting, scaling, or optimizing your Fractional CFO firm check out The CFO Report.

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