073: Every Fractional CFO Should Read These 3 Sales Books

Mar 01, 2024

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073: Every Fractional CFO Should Read These 3 Sales Books

Mar 01, 2024

Read Time: 3 Minutes, 15 Seconds

One of the most efficient and effective ways to improve a particular skill is to read and study it.

Nothing beats reps, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't learn from others on our journey toward mastery.

One of the skills that I've invested a considerable amount of time reading about is sales. This morning, I looked at my bookshelf, my Kindle, and my Audible app and learned that I have consumed 44 books on sales over the past 14 years.

Looking over the list, I realized that most of these books contained fluff, silly hacks, and sleazy tactics or were out of alignment with my values.

But three books rose to the top. These are sales books that I have read multiple times, shared with others, and truly taken to heart and adopted as part of my sales operating system.

Today, I will share those three books in hopes you can apply some of the lessons to your sales process, close more new clients, and accelerate your impact.

Let's dive in...

1. Snap Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today's Frazzled Customers by Jill Konrath

What it's about:
SNAP Selling offers four rules to follow when trying to get potential customers to buy. These rules are essential because buyers are super busy, easily distracted, and likely a little unsure about Fractional CFO services in the first place.

The rules are:
Simplify (you KNOW I love this one!) - keep your solution simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. If the buyer doesn't understand what you're talking about or how it helps them solve their problems, they won't buy.

iNvaluable - You've got to position yourself as a thought leader and an essential resource for your potential clients. This rule explores various ways that you can become that for your ideal buyers.

Align - You should align your sales process with your potential buyer's goals and priorities. It highlights the importance of ensuring you understand as much about the buyer as possible to ensure the alignment is there. As an added bonus, she gives some great ideas on how to actually DO that.

Prioritize - You've got to make sure that your Fractional CFO services remain a priority or your offer will get set aside until next month, next quarter, or next year (we've all been there, right?). This rule gives some great advice on communicating why your services should be THE priority - right now.

Format recommendation: I think this is a great book to consume on Audible

2. New Sales. Simplified.: The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development by Mike Weinberg

What it's about: This book was vital for me because it explained the basics of the sales process in a way that I very much needed. I didn't have a "sales" background, so I needed to understand how things should flow. This book gave me that.

My biggest takeaway from New. Sales. Simplified. was the criticality of PROSPECTING. Weinberg talks about the importance of going out and proactively finding and driving new leads instead of sitting back and hoping they come to you.

This is a must-read if you're like me and you like a good process and workflow.

Format recommendation: I prefer this one in physical form. I took a lot of notes in the book.

3. Buyer First: Grow Your Business with Collaborative Selling by Carole Mahoney

What it's about: This is the newest addition to my must-read sales list, but it quickly became an instant classic.

When I first got into sales, I had this mindset that everyone viewed sales as pushy, slimy, sleazy, and sus. And I didn't ever want to be seen as "that guy" - so I avoided sales.

If that resonates with you, Buyer First is the answer on how to be the exact opposite of those things.

Buyer First explains how to learn what your buyers need and then adapt those needs to your sales process and offering. Mahoney gives an excellent framework for how to implement this as well.

What I liked about Buyer First is that I could already see much of what Mahoney teaches inside my existing sales process (which you can get free HERE). But the book gave me some specific, concrete ways to level up what I was already doing and improve it. After just a few months, I'm already seeing some great results from the ideas I've implemented from the book.

Format recommendation: I bought this one on Audible and consumed it in 4 or 5 days. I immediately ordered the physical book from Amazon because I needed to go back and take notes. I suggest the physical book for this one.

In summary, there are many books that can help you improve your sales skills as a Fractional CFO. Try and avoid books that contain fluff, silly hacks, sleazy tactics or are out of alignment with your values. 

And remember, you want to take what you learn about sales and apply it to your daily sales operating system.

You Coach,

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