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Scaling your impact as a Fractional CFO means that you have to scale your revenue and your firm.

Join us at The CFO Accelerator LIVE and learn how to get more leads, land more clients, and grow a 7-figure firm!

MAY 15-17, 2024 | DALLAS, TEXAS!

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➡️ See how quality bookkeeping can be a competitive advantage with Decimal. ⬅️


Getting more leads and landing more clients doesn't have to be a mystery any more!

Join Michael King and hundreds of other Fractional CFO firm owners at this year's must-attend event!

Come to The CFO Accelerator LIVE and learn how to:
• Predictably find more high-quality leads
• Operationalize the process of business development
• Close more sales at a higher price
• Reduce stress and anxiety around sales and marketing
• Brand and position your firm
• Determine who to hire and when to hire them so you can scale your firm and your impact
• Build YOUR 7-Figure Fractional CFO firm!

FACT: Most Fractional CFOs Struggle to Find Enough Leads, Close Enough Clients, and Scale Their Firm

And most are asking themselves this ONE question: 

Where do I event start?!? 

✅ Where do I find leads?
✅ Should I be running ads?
✅ Why can't I get the prices I deserve?
✅ Where do I find time to handle marketing and clients?
✅ Is branding my firm important? How do I even do that?
✅ How and when should I grow my team so I don't die?

Here's the truth:
There are fewer than 20,000 Fractional CFOs in the United States.
There are over 33,000,000 small and medium businesses in the United States.

When you consider that most Fractional CFO firms need fewer than 20 clients to hit the 7-figure mark, you can see that there is SO much opportunity for everyone to win big in our industry!

So what's holding you back from hitting the 7-figure mark?

73% of Fractional CFOs say it's sales and marketing.

The good news is that sales and marketing are skills and skills can be taught! 

You've got to stop thinking like a Fractional CFO and start thinking like a CEO.

My friend, you have NOT peaked! 

You've just got to pick up a few new skills and acquire a couple new tools.

You need some new habits, new frameworks, and new mindsets around sales, marketing, and scaling that very few Fractional CFOs even know about.

All of this will be what leads you to build your own 7-figure Fractional CFO firm.

And this is what The CFO Accelerator LIVE will give you.

Join us and break through in 3 days to unlock new levels in your firm and take the steps towards building your 7 figure Fractional CFO firm.


This conference is SELLING OUT FAST! 

We are limiting The CFO Accelerator LIVE to 300 tickets this year. 

Meet your host and lead trainer: Michael King

Michael started his Fractional CFO Firm, KFE Solutions, over 8 years ago. 

During that time, Michael and his team have had the privilege of serving countless businesses to help them increase their profitability and cash flows.

Michael has also coached over 200 firm owners to help them maximize their impact and reach their goals.

Michael will teach you HOW to level up your firm, maximize impact for YOUR clients, and rediscover the energy and excitement you had when you started your firm.


Carole Mahoney is a sales coach at Harvard Business School and she's the author of one of my favorite books, "Buyer First". 

Carole will be teach:
✅ How to increase your chances of being a top seller by 298%
✅ The hidden mindsets and beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying sales and achieving better results
✅ How to build the habits that will change your mindsets towards sales and reduce the stress and anxiety toward sales.
✅ What your buyers value most and how to ask questions that build trust and move your sales forward.

In other words, Carole is going to uncover what you need to do to get way better at sales AND how to actually enjoy the process! 


Jeb Blount is the author of fifteen books including Fanatical Prospecting, Sales EQ, and Selling in a Crisis. 

He is among the world's most respected thought leads on prospecting, sales, leadership, and customer experience. 

At The 2024 CFO Accelerator LIVE, Jeb is going to be specifically talking about how Fractional CFOs can find more quality leads.

He'll talk about where to look and how to systemitize the process so it becomes repeatable and scalable. 

May 15-17, 2024 in Dallas, Texas!


Located downtown next to an iconic Dallas landmark Reunion Tower, Hyatt Regency Dallas is a gateway to the best of the city. Live, work and be yourself at our inviting, contemporary hotel near the Dallas Convention Center and within walking distance of many tourist attractions, including Dealey Plaza and the Historic West End. 

What past attendees have to say:

Hear what Shannon Weinstein, CPA has to say about working with Michael 👇

Shannon Weinstein

Here is what Lauren Furtado had to say about The CFO Accelerator Live! 👇🏻

Lauren Furtado

Here is what Lauren Rilling had to say about The CFO Accelerator Live! 👇🏻

Lauren Rilling

Here is what David Cranfill had to say about The CFO Accelerator Live! 👇🏻

David Cranfill

Here is what Kim Murray had to say about The CFO Accelerator Live! 👇🏻

Kim Murray

Mike's insights into growing a successful Fractional CFO Firm are absolutely changing the way I run my company. If you are questioning spending the money...don't question it anymore. Just do it!

Randy Moore

I joined The CFO Accelerator several months ago and I can’t say enough good things about Michael and the community. There isn’t anything else like this out there. If you are on the fence about joining, don’t wait, it’s amazing and worth it! And of course Michael guarantees all of his work with a money back guarantee!

Brandy Best, CPA


Isn't it time you focused on YOUR financial outcomes?

Join 300 other Fractional CFOs at
The CFO Accelerator LIVE.

Dallas, TX May 15-17, 2024.



I'm just starting my firm. Is The CFO Accelerator LIVE for me?

Absolutely! We are going to cover topics that will be extremely valuable for you - even if you're just getting started.

But we'll also cover advanced topics that will be helpful as you gain traction and begin to scale your firm as well.

How is this year's conference different from last year?

We are doing ALL new content this year and a a whole new three days. During the 3 days we're going deep on the 7 Figure Fractional CFO blueprint with a heavy emphasis on prospecting and sales!

What's the agenda?

Be prepared to be fully present and engaged at this conference!

This is NOT one of those accounting conferences with tons of break out rooms and sessions. This is a deep-dive into CFO technical skills, CFO leadership skills, and CFO firm building skills!

The Accelerator LIVE is 9am-6pm Wednesday and Thursday and from 9am to 3pm on Friday, May 17th.

More information to come as we get closer, though we do keep our agendas very high level! Our theme this year is Building a 7 Figure Fractional CFO Firm.

This is going to be more of an EXPERIENCE than a CONFERENCE. Just like bands don't release their set list before a concert, we don't list an agenda. Just show up and do the work.

I already have a six-figure firm. Is The CFO Accelerator LIVE for me?

Without a doubt.

Scaling a Fractional CFO firm is a journey. And we are going to be sharing some of the strategies and tactics that we've learned over the past 8+ years - many of them for the first time!

What is the 5x Money Back Guarantee

If after the FULL FIRST day of The CFO Accelerator LIVE, you don’t feel that you have received 5x the value of your ticket, simply hand in your name badge and we will refund you for the full ticket price.

Is it appropriate to bring members of my team?

Yes, bring members of your team! If you are bringing 2+ team members or firm partners please email us at [email protected] for special ticket pricing!

Will there be opportunities to network?

Heck yeah! We've built networking time into the schedule each morning, at lunch, and in the evenings. If you want exclusive networking events with the KFE Team and other Fractional CFOs be sure to upgrade your ticket to VIP to get all the exclusive perks!

What makes The CFO Accelerator LIVE different from other business events?

The CFO Accelerator LIVE is the ONLY conference ever held exclusively for Fractional and Virtual CFOs.
Michael and his team are pulling from 8+ years of experience from starting, scaling, and optimizing their firm.
There are literally no other events on the planet like The CFO Accelerator LIVE.
(Also, we have better swag.)

Will the event be live-streamed? How about replays?

No. The conference will not be live-streamed nor will replays be made available.

This is one that you need to be at in person to fully experience!

When should I plan to arrive/depart?

When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving on Tuesday, May 14th.
Early registration is from 6-8pm CDT on Tuesday, May 14th.
Regular registration begins at 7:30am CDT on Wednesday, May 15th.

When should I depart?

The conference will end at approximately 3pm CDT on Friday, May 17th. Please schedule your departure time well AFTER THAT. Most attendees will leave on Saturday, May 18th.

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