I Help Fractional CFOs Start, Scale, And Optimize Their Advisory Services.

Hi, I’m

Nuclear Engineer,
Turned Fractional CFO,
Turned CFO Accelerator.

I started my Fractional CFO firm, KFE Solutions, in 2016. 

Back then, I took ANY clients I could get (even total jerks) doing ANY work they'd pay me to do (books, FP&A, treasury work - not the strategic work I wanted).

After a few years, I realized I was doing work that I despised for people that didn't value my expertise.

One day I decided that I had had enough
and I fired all of
my clients. I was committed
to rebuilding the firm on my

This time, I focused on attracting better
clients, simplifying
our services, focusing
on processes, and developing a small
mighty team. The result? I was able to 5x our revenue, serve better clients, grow my team, and even work fewer hours.

Now I’m here to share everything I've learned 
with you — so you
can see accelerated
results just like I did (without the starting over from scratch part).

Whether you’re just
beginning your Fractional CFO journey or you're are ready to scale your firm, I’m here to help 
guide you through it.


The CFO Report

Actionable, Practical Tips
Michael King To
Help Build & Grow
Fractional CFO Firm.

Building an accounting or fractional CFO
firm is HARD - but now you
don't have to
do it alone! After successfully building his
own top-rated
fractional CFO firm,
Michael has helped 100+ other firm
owners achieve
their goals, and now he's
here to help you accelerate your journey.

EP 110.

Brutally Honest Advice If You Struggle To Get Clients

7 min

EP 109.

Want To Be Rich? Don't Become a Fractional CFO

8 min

EP 108.

CFO Stories: From Bank Teller To Fractional CFO (Aaron Hill)

34 min

EP 107.

8 Business Lessons That Could Change Everything

16 min

EP 106.

I Lost $100k on Ads so You Don't Have To!

7 min

From Our

IT’S AWESOME TO BE IN A ROOM WITH A BUNCH OF NUMBERS NERDS. I’m a checklist kind of person. What Michael teaches is very tangible. He gives you steps that you can literally turn around that same day and start implementing in your business.

- Christine O’Reilly, Virtual CFO

Michael's knowledge, experience, and
coaching has helped me completely re-think
my business and where I want to be - in a good
way! …For over a year I was spinning my wheels
trying to figure out how to run an accounting
firm on my own, and this has given me such a
great support system!

- Sophie Plappert, Accountant

I looked for a place to start for months and found this to be the best community for knowledge and support; bar none! Within only a week of joining I was able to obtain my first client at a premium rate.

- Terence, Fractional CFO

Mike's insights into growing a successful Fractional CFO (or bookkeeping, name it) firm are absolutely changing the way I run my company…You aren't just gaining coaching from Mike, you are joining a community of peers that also share their highs, lows, pitfalls to watch out for and much much more.

- Randy Moore, Fractional CFO



Supporting Fractional CFOs In All Stages
Of Their Journey.


The Inner Circle

A monthly group coaching program and community of 250+ firms - designed for
early-stage Fractional CFOs who are looking to build a solid framework and
grow their firm.


The CFO Academy

A 7-week course designed to help
early and mid-stage Fractional CFOs build a multiple 6-figure firm and accelerate
their growth to the next level.


1:1 Coaching

Need hands-on support? Fast track
your firm’s growth by
working directly
with Michael King.


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